Is Its Necessary, But Why ???

Hello Everyone, This is Fahadh ,this is my first story and first time to come upon to publish something.


In this busy and rush journey finally, I decided to do something different which I never thought to do. Frankly, I did not think that someday “I WILL WRITE STORY TO PUBLISH”. I am a Computer Science student studying at the National Institute of Technology, Calicut. You may think it’s the best college which I am studying because NITs and IITs maintain that expectation, But the fact is students who study there maintain that expectation.

I am from Andhra Pradesh. I was a bright student till school, but I don’t think now because I had that freedom to study and choice to study when I was in school, now I don’t have that both things. The whole world is in lockdown due to the pandemic which made us especially me to know the responsibilities and taught me about the real world, yeah due to this everyone was locked in their houses and struggle a lot for free air and freedom but what about us students who locked in the pressure cooker for two years if needed for three or more years to achieve something which may bring a smile on their parent’s face which may help them to reach the expectation of surrounding and which may finally help us to reach NITs and IITs.

With a lot of effort like others I finally reached NIT which still remains a dream of a lot of students but what happens here, do we get the freedom to study whichever we feel we want, can we get it. No!!! we can’t get that freedom here because we set expectations, standards unknowingly, but it’s not our mistake it’s hereditary it’s a truth happening here.

On the other side, lucky guys whose dreams did not come true are having that freedom and choice to choose because they don’t that high expectations. They get a chance to explore this is where everything begins.

But for us “IS IT NECESSARY” of that expectations?



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